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(540) 798 - 7970  or 1 (800) 630-4223

Call us for Lab Slips, Mailing Boxes, Bubble Wrap, and Pre-paid Mailing Labels. Secure work models in box and  apply Mailing Labels. 
Mail with regular mail. 
(Be sure to apply Priority Sticker to box)  
We will receive it in 1 to 2 days.
When filling out Lab Slip for the first time. 
 Fill out the Date Wanted,
 Color of Upper and Lower Retainers,
 Stickers for Upper and Lower Retainers,
 Color of Retainer Case.  
We put name or phone number in all Retainers at no extra charge. 
  • We will make your appliance to your design.
  • We will make our appliance to fit your work model. 
  • We ship all appliances with the UPS. 
  • You will get your appliance on or before due date wanted.
Welcome to 
Shayne's Smiling Retainers, Inc.
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